Lupiae guitar arts/Ayvazoglu, Oliva

Lupiae guitar arts/Ayvazoglu, Oliva

The forms and arts of the guitar, its souls and myriad declinations, in an international event with seven dates, from October to December. For the new appointment of the Lupiae Guitar Arts Festival, an event organised by the Lupiae Academy in Lecce, the first flute of the Istanbul orchestra, Hurkan Ayvazoglu, delights the audience with his melodies in the Auditorium of the Sigismondo Castromediano Museum in Lecce. Together with him, the guitar of Apulian Ivana Oliva. Free admission.

Info: 349/5028396.

Event Properties

Event Date 26-11-2023 6:00 pm
Location Museo Sigismondo Castromediano
Categories Music

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