The other sculpture

Nature and the relationship with man. And viceversa. They have always been at the center of Salvatore Sava's artistic research, together with the territory, the Salento one, which surrounds him, calls him, urges him to plumb his inscrutable souls. “Salvatore Sava. The other sculpture ", is the exhibition by the Salento artist hosted in the spaces of the Biscozzi Rimbaud Foundation. The exhibition, curated by the scientific director Paolo Bolpagni, includes about 30 works by Sava in an exhibition itinerary that embraces the period of activity that goes from the nineties to today, highlighting various components of his research so far little investigated. Known above all for his sculptures in Lecce stone, iron, steel and for the elements in fluorescent colors that recall the alteration of nature by man, the opportunity offered by the Foundation is to know and also delve into the cycles of " blacks ”by the surbino artist, in the works in wood, resin, fiber, glass and in the metal collages on cardboard.

Hours: every day except Monday 16-19; Sunday 10-13, 16-19.

Ticket: 5 euros (including a visit to the permanent exhibition of the Foundation).

Info: 0832/1994743.

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Event Date 20-07-2022 4:00 pm
Location Fondazione Biscozzi Rimbaud
Categories Exhibitions

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