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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Inner Solo Exhibition

Conservatorio Sant'Anna

Five artists for as many mini-personal exhibitions, enclosed in "Inner Solo Exhibition", an art collective hosted in the spaces of the former Sant'Anna Conservatory curated by Gina Affinito. The exhibition intends to focus on the "Corpus" of the artist's identity-stylistic ...



Piazza Duomo

An intense and fascinating journey into the history and sacred art of Lecce. LecceEcclesiae is the path in the heart of the historic center, between the different sites of the curia that makes the churches and their goods accessible, every day non-stop. A service commissioned...


Abyss and Horizon/ Justin Hofman

Castello Carlo V

What is the health status of the oceans? It is a question we have only recently learned to ask ourselves and still too little. For some it is almost too late. According to a recent study by Goletta Verde, 96 percent of the trash floating in the sea is plastic, and if action is not taken now, within three decades it will take the place ...


The artists of Terra d'Otranto in the collection of the Banca Popolare Pugliese

From Carlo Barbieri to Giuseppe Casciaro, from Tonino Caputo to Vincenzo Ciardo, from Rocco Coronese to Lionello Mandorino, and then Fernando De Filippi, Gaetano Giorgino, Ezechiele Leandro, Antonio Massari, Geremia Re, Michele Palumbo and many others. The exhibition...


Francesco De Matteis (1852-1917)


"His small figures, his delightful groups, almost all reproducing Neapolitan costumes, had a special feature: they were recognized even from a distance, at first sight, without having to take a look at the signature". Thus wrote...


Abbazia di Santa Maria di Cerrate

Since 2012 it has been the only property in Puglia managed directly by the FAI. The abbey of Santa Maria di Cerrate, today a treasure trove of art and culture, once a melting pot of knowledge and religions, abbey, scriptorium, and then a flourishing...



Galleria Maccagnani

A week of diffuse art in various locations around the city. This is Darteweek, the first edition of an international project embracing a series of painting, installation and sculpture exhibitions, curated by Dartestudio. Sixty artists, coming from different ...


Ex Opis

Must Off Gallery

The Ospedale Psichiatrico Interregionale Salentino, known by the people of Lecce today as ‘Ex OPIS’, was completely decommissioned in 1998. Two years later, in 2000, Loredana Moretti crossed its threshold, grasping her camera and armed with her artist's sensitivity ...


The other sculpture

Fondazione Biscozzi Rimbaud

Nature and the relationship with man. And viceversa. They have always been at the center of Salvatore Sava's artistic research, together with the territory, the Salento one, which surrounds him, calls him, urges him to plumb his inscrutable souls. “Salvatore Sava. The other sculpture ", is the exhibition ...


ClassicheFORME/ Lecce coffee

Convitto Palmieri

The afternoon concert of the ClassicheFORME festival hosted in the cloister of the former Convitto Palmieri offers the stage and the scene to the very young. The "Caffè leccese" section of the festival welcomes students from Italian high-level specialization schools, the Stauffer Academy ...


Antonio D'Andrea. Art craft project

Biblioteca Bernardini

That in Lecce, in addition to Lecce stone, wrought iron was also "noble" was perhaps better known in the second half of the twentieth century. The passing of the years has then clouded this art, as old as the history of man but, on closer inspection, the traces of this ...


ClassicheFORME/ Hommage a Tchaikovsky

Chiostro del Rettorato

Second evening concert, in the beautiful cloister of the Rectorate, of the ClassicheFORME festival directed and founded by the pianist Beatrice Rana and promoted by the Opera Prima musical association. The evening opens with the Quartet No. 2 Op. 35 for violin, viola and ...



Chiostro dei Teatini

Vincent, a firefighter who has been living the nightmare of his son Adrien's disappearance for ten years, one day learns that a boy claiming to be his son has been found at an airport. This is the end of his despair and, without asking for any...


Sergio Caputo

Pala Live


A not-to-be-missed live performance by Sergio Caputo, the Italian singer-songwriter made famous by the successful 1983 song 'Un sabato qualunque, un sabato italiano'. His music is...

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