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Monday, July 04, 2022


Piazza Duomo

An intense and fascinating journey into the history and sacred art of Lecce. LecceEcclesiae is the path in the heart of the historic center, between the different sites of the curia that makes the churches and their goods accessible, every day non-stop. A service commissioned...


Abyss and Horizon/ Justin Hofman

Castello Carlo V

What is the health status of the oceans? It is a question we have only recently learned to ask ourselves and still too little. For some it is almost too late. According to a recent study by Goletta Verde, 96 percent of the trash floating in the sea is plastic, and if action is not taken now, within three decades it will take the place ...


Church of San Niccolò and Cataldo

Entrusted to the care of the FAI which makes it accessible three days a week, the church dedicated to Saints Niccolò and Cataldo stands out in the lush and silent green of the city cemetery. As evidenced by the inscriptions that run at the base of the...


LEGALITRIA/ Leonardo Palmisano

We Lab

The spaces of We Lab (viale della Libertà, 89) host the Lecce stage of the fifth edition of the Legaltria Festival, the most important Italian reading project against deviance and crime. LegalItria gives texts on the themes of the event to thousands of ...


Diario di Bordo dei sindaci/ Giovanna Casadio

Convento degli Agostiniani

"Ussìgnur, to put it in the Milanese way," was the reaction of Milan Mayor Beppe Sala on the chat of Italy's mayors that evening of March 9, 2020, on the eve of the press conference in which Giuseppe Conte announced the lockdown. That message...

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